I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of NFTs before but you feel overwhelmed by the trend. Don’t worry, you are already at the right address.

Let’s Start!

An NFT — non-fungible token — is a digital asset that represents a real-world object like, for example, the Charlie Bit My Finger video…

Ce n’est pas votre faute si vous êtes né pauvre. En revanche, si vous mourrez pauvre, c’est votre erreur.

Vous allez savoir pourquoi Bill Gates a Raison…

Certes, la technologie nous a ouvert un autre monde de chances de travail, mais peu sont les jeunes qui saisissent cette opportunité. Le fait de devenir riche n’est plus une question d’argent mais plutot un sujet d’éducation.

Ne vous perdez pas! En…

No one wants to get in debt, but sometimes people's behaviors lead them to make financial mistakes. As result, they couldn’t control their situation and ask for more loans.

Nowadays, we notice that many financial organizations take advantage of the situation of most middle-income households and suggest diversified packages of…

How money laundering could become a scam and lead to the liquidation of Mirror Trading International?

I believe you have heard many stories about money laundering, But did you ever read about the scam of Mirror Trading International?

Wait, before we get into the meat of this article, you probably…

Mariya Berrada

Blessed Social Media Manager with writing and designing Talents

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